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    Volunteer for the Quality Education Campaign!

    Education unlocks the door of opportunity.
    If we do not educate every student, we are sacrificing not only our economic future,
    but also denying our children the opportunity to reach their dreams and potential.

    Alliance for Quality Education of New York
    Over the last 10 years, Albany has shortchanged our schools and forced them to make tough cuts.
    What have our schools lost?
    35,000 Teachers, Aides, Administrators, Guidance Counselors, Social Workers, Librarians, Advance Placement Courses, Honors Courses, Career & Technical Education, Resources, Tutoring, Arts Programs, Dance Programs, Music Programs, Sports, After School Programs, Summer School, Clubs
    …the list goes on….. 


    No More Excuses       
    Albany’s rhetoric has not met reality. Governor Cuomo recognizes that schools need quality programs and supports in order to prepare students for college and careers. But, the investments that the Governor has put forth combined with 5 years of cuts have failed to improve the quality of education. New York is moving in the wrong direction.

    New York has some of the best schools in the country that offer a diversity of courses and supports to meet their students’ needs and help them reach their fullest potential. But these schools are only in wealthy areas.

    There is gap in New York separating the great schools from the ones that are struggling to provide even the basics for their students. This gap rings in at $8,601 per student, which is the difference between a student going to college prepared or dropping out because they lack the supports and resources. 


    What works:
    Early Start in Quality Pre-K: Students who attend pre-K are more likely to graduate high school, go to college and earn higher wages as adults. Every $1 invested in pre-k saves taxpayers $7 in future cost.  
    Time + Resources:  A high quality and diverse curriculum tied with sufficient time give students the space to learn and grow.  Extended Learning Time, such as afterschool programs, also allows schools to cultivate creativity by giving students the opportunity to engage in art and music. 
    Supports for Student Success:  Students come to school with a variety of social, emotional and physical needs. When these needs are appropriately met through programs such as Community Schools and Restorative Justice, students are better able to engage in learning. Teachers also require supports, such as mentoring and planning time, in order to build upon their skills to best serve students’ needs.
    Teaching & Learning, Not Excessive Testing: In the current climate of insufficient funding and raised standards, more harm than good is done if we do not address the misuse on standardized testing. There needs to be not only a reduction the amount of testing, but a moratorium on the high stakes consequences of those tests and a ban on standardized testing in pre-K through second grade. 


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    Do your part and support your community through volunteering for education equity!
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