Child Poverty and the Single-Mom Misdirect

FOODSTAMPS-articleLarge.jpgWhen we as a society discuss poverty, we need to discuss poverty's role in the lives of people who's lives are dependent on others. Children make up a large portion of that dependent population, and are a significant part of our impoverished. Our child poverty rate as a nation is actual number one out of wealthy countries, a dismal statistic. 

Consequentialists would like us to believe that unaspiring single mothers are to blame for child poverty. "If they just worked harder, and found better jobs they wouldn't be so poor." "If they waited until marriage and settled down with a nice husband their household would be stable" It's an easier fix to blame the victims than it is to address the true root of poverty, our glaring wealth disparity. Anyone who has worked a low-wage job can attest that those jobs are labor intensive. Lack of "hard work" is not the problem.

Rochester in particular is higher than the 22% national average. We rank seventh in the country for child poverty, with one in four children living below the poverty line. 18% of those children are food insecure, and our teen pregnancy and infant mortality rates are higher than the national average.(Statistics by the Children's Agenda) Single mothers are also the majority in the growing demographic of homeless families in our city. While it is great that we have numerous services to help out people in need, it would be best if we did not need those