Global Corporations are Scheming to Take Control of Our Economy- We Can Put a Stop to it.


If you thought NAFTA contributed to the damage done to our economy, just imagine what kind of damage the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) would create. Much like NAFTA, the TPP is a transnational trade agreement fueled by neoliberal economic policies, policies which have been shown to increase poverty while giving more power than ever to transnational corporations. Fast-track approaches to passing the agreement so far have been defeated by fair trade movements who have brought up concerns over lack of transparency in orchestrating the agreement. Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers explore the philosophies behind transnational trade agreements, the progress they can promote, and the damage the neoliberal approach has on global economies in this article produced by Popular Resistance and published on Alternet.

Are there alternative agreements we can pursue that allow for progress that put people over profits? What would those alternatives approaches be? If you don't think an alternative is feasible, why? What actions can we take to stand against the TPP?

Photo credit: by John Keevert from the Occupy Rochester event.

 The broad movement for fair trade has stalled the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  When fast track trade promotion authority was introduced by former Senator Baucus, the Chairman of the Finance Committee, it was