Metro Justice Opposes Military Action Against Syria!

“Since 2001, we have spent $270 million per day on war. Anybody have a sense of what we could do with that?” said Colin O’Malley, MJ Organizing Director in the D &C article covering the rally protesting Military Intervention in Syria last Thursday.  Over 50 concerned Metro Justice and Community members gathered to show their opposition to the war chanting “Feed the people, Not the Pentagon!  Healthcare not warfare!”  Overwhelmingly, the message is clear—we need to continue the fight of economic justice for all instead of wasting our tax dollars to war.


In total we dropped off nearly 200 petitions to Gillibrand, Schumer, and Slaughter. With news coverage from four major organizations (WHECWRDC, the Democrat and Chronicle, and WXXI) it was a major success.

Click the video below to view live coverage of the protest!

So what's next? We really need your help and support with signing this petition. Please send this link to everyone you know, and be sure to share it on Facebook and Twitter.

We could not have done this without you, our members and supporters who pay dues and show up to our rallies.  Thank you again for making this a reality.

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