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Sept. 9, 2009

Dear Friends of the Storefront,

What an amazing two-and-a-half years this has been! In May 2007, with Bush and Cheney still in office and US wars of aggression raging on several fronts, we opened our Storefront on Monroe Avenue to make accessible and visible the vibrant anti-war presence in our community. We brought our message of peace and anti-militarism to hundreds of walk-ins and they -in turn- walked out with our message on buttons, bumper stickers, and T-shirts. We sold books, distributed broadsides, hosted poetry readings and art exhibitions, collected signatures on petitions, and provided a meeting space for more than 20 grassroots peace and justice organizations.

Bush and Cheney no longer are in office, but the wars continue -and escalate- and we are exploring new strategies to turn that around. For one thing, it's time to take our message to ever-broader constituencies. The Storefront will close on Sept. 30th, freeing us to take our message to public markets and street festivals at the same time that we move to fulfill our 'action-and-education' mission in other ways.

In the meantime, we wish to thank all of you who have been so generous in your support of the Storefront. We couldn't have done it without you.


Peace Action & Education


Visit The Storefront Anti-War Crisis Center
A locus of Rochester's anti-war commitment

Location: 658 Monroe Avenue (near Oxford St.)
Daily Hours: Tues-Fri noon-8pm, Sat.-Sun noon-5pm
Store Phone number: (585) 271-2620

The Anti-War Storefront neighborhood "Crisis Center" on Monroe Ave. is an expression of the collective passion and sense of outrage among the many peace and anti-war organizations in the Rochester metropolitan area who are deeply concerned about the continuing war in Iraq, and the potential for conflict with Iran.

The storefront is a ground-breaking collaborative effort which hosts a number of peace actions, gallery exhibitions, information/education and arts events, with the goal of keeping the cause of peace and anti-war issues constantly before our government representatives, the media, and our community.

To continue this essential venture we need your support. Make a secure donation with paypal by clicking on the following link. On the paypal page enter 'Storefront Donation' in the purpose box on top.

See what's coming up at the storefront:
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The Storefront is sponsored by Peace Action & Education (a taskforce of Metro Justice), is supported by the Unitarian Universalist Peace Advocates and Citizens for a United Earth, and is endorsed (to date) by Rochester Against War, Veterans for Peace, Rochester Declaration of Peace, Rochester Truth in Military Recruitment, ISO, 911 Truth Commission, PSPI, Rochester Student Anti-War Caucus, Colgate Divinity School Social Justice Committee, Rochester Poets, Poets Against War & Occupation, Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace, PeaceWorks, The World Can't Wait, Sisters of Mercy, Pax Christi, Poor People United, RAW Street Theater, Lake Affect Magazine, Street Level Media, ACLU, Education for Peace, Inc., & Progressives in Action.

Metro Justice, 167 Flanders Street, Rochester NY 14619
phone:585-325-2560 fax:585-325-2561
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