Stand in Solidarity with Striking Walmart Workers This Black Friday!



WHAT: Protest and Leaflet in Solidarity with Striking Walmart Workers.
WHEN: Friday, Nov 29th, 11am
WHERE: Three Walmart locations!

1) 2150 Chili Ave. Intersection of Brooks and Chili, entrance to plaza. (led by Metro Justice)
2) 1902 Empire Blvd, Webster. (led by the UFCW)
3) 1200 Marketplace Drive, Henrietta. (led by SEIU Local 200 United)

On Friday, November 29, 2013 groups of labor unions, activists and community supporters will gather in front of Walmart stores in the Monroe County area in an effort to spread the message of solidarity to our communities and bring awareness to the plight of Walmart workers.

"Walmart embodies everything that is wrong with the wealth distribution in this country, " says Rochester Labor Federation, AFL-CIO Lead Field Organizer, Erin Young. "The way in which Walmart conducts business and treats their employees is a prime economic example of our current race to the bottom."

Walmart workers throughout the country are refusing to stand by and passively continue being exploited. Walmart workers involved in the Our Walmart campaign have gone out in strike in cities throughout the United States. This Black Friday, we need Walmart to understand that when workers stand up, entire communities stand up alongside them. Come out and show your support for Walmart workers this Friday! 




November 29, 2013 at 11am - 12pm
WalMart at the intersection of Brooks and Chili

Will you come?

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