What do you think of the new site?

We have completed step one in the Nationbuilder conversion process, now we have to go to the next level.  What is next you may ask? We need feedback from our members on how this can help you more.  What else do you see as the next step?  Do you want to see more Facebook integration, more content by MJ?  What do you see as the next step for the website?

Fill out this survey (be as truthful as possible!) and help us create the best site for you!

What is your favorite part of the website?

  • Sami Sheehan
    answered 2013-08-26 13:16:33 -0400
    Q: What was the most frustrating part of your experience?
    A: I think I want to see more content from MJ. What are their thoughts on different issues?

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