Get Metro Justice T-shirts!

We have new Metro Justice t-shirts! We encourage our membership to wear Metro Justice t-shirts to our own and our allies' events. It makes Metro Justice's support and involvement more visible, which strengthens our relationships with the broader Rochester community.

Our t-shirts are locally and union printed by TM Design Corporation! If you would like a t-shirt, we would be grateful for a $10-$20 donation to cover the cost of printing. Order below! 

We have the following number of t-shirts and sizes available: 

S: 9

M: 24

LG: 23

XL: 21

XXL: 2

XX: 5

XXX: 5

Available t-shirts will be updated daily. Please consider availability before purchasing. 

After you purchase a t-shirt, our Organizing Director (Mohini Sharma) will contact you to ask what size(s) you would like. If you would like to purchase multiple t-shirts, please submit a separate donation each time. We wish there could be a more efficient set-up for this, but this is what our software allows us to do. We appreciate your patience, and are excited to see our membership out in Metro Justice t-shirts again! 




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