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What's in Target's New Anti-Union Video? Scary, Scary Talk

300182_311329545548749_1259481939_n.jpgIt's common for major corporations to fight against unionization. Target's latest employee video is further proof of that. What should we as consumers do to address companies that scare their employees out of unionizing?

The article "What's in Target's New Anti-Union Video? Scary, Scary Talk" by Mark E. Andersen, and published in DailyKos calls out Target on their propaganda.


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Gawker has gotten a hold of Target's new anti-union video. I am unable to embed the video, but click on the link above: it is worth it to see the lies and lengths go to to prevent the unionization of its workforce.In the video, cheerful Target employees warn you not to sign anything from a union and that unions are a business. The bullet points presented by our cheerful Target employees about unions are:Unions are a business

  • NOT a charity
  • NOT a club
  • NOT a part of government

 Read more after the flip.

Our two cheerful employees go on to explain that joining a union is like paying for a membership and that that membership is the the only way the "business" can make money as they have no products or services to sell.

They then go on to say that unions are not needed anymore because state and federal laws have made them irrelevant. And if unions come into Target, Target would not be able to adapt to changing markets.

The rest of the video is a lot of scary talk about how unions are bad and just want your dues, while Target has only your best interests in mind.

My question to Target ... if unions are so bad, outdated, and offer nothing to your employees, why are you so scared your workforce might unionize? Is is because unionized employees are compensated better (pdf) than non-union employees? The truth is that higher compensation might cut into executive bonuses and stock dividends. That is what Target cares about, profits—not their employees.

My message to Target: If you do not want a union in your workplace then treat your employees well, pay them well, provide them with decent benefits, and above all do not insult their intelligence with anti-union videos. A union is NOT a business—it is a way to make the voices of the employed heard by the employer and ensure fair treatment of every employee.

 Original article: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2014/03/20/1285963/-What-s-in-Target-s-new-anti-union-video-Scary-scary-talk

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