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15 Reasons Why We Need the Women's Equality Act!


For this year's International Women's Day, Metro Justice members, supporters, and staff shared why they need the Women's Equality Act in New York State!

1. Sami Sheehan needs the WEA so her friends can be protected during their pregnancies!


2. Elton Calloway needs the WEA so his future wife won't face pay inequity.



3. Amy Getman has many reasons why she needs the Women's Equality Act!



4. Tom Diller believes that women's rights are human rights, and should be important!



5. Linda Stephens needs New York State to update their abortion laws.



6. Mel Beacham needs all survivors of human trafficking to be protected.



7. Pat Mannix needs her granddaughters to receive a living wage in their careers.



8. Shaina Capellupo needs everyone to be protected under sexual harassment laws.



9. Annie Hess needs gender equality.



10. Carole Hoffman needs her granddaughters to always have access to reproductive health care.



11. Men like George Martin believe that all women should have equal rights!



12.  Michele Capellupo believes that survivors of domestic violence should be protected in their homes.



13. Lauren Scholz believes that all women should have reproductive rights, and the laws should follow that!



14. Chris McCamic believes that no one should be treated as second-class citizens.



15. Nathan believes that his mom, and all other moms, are important.




 Do you want to sign the Women's Equality Petition or volunteer with the campaign? Sign here: http://bit.ly/WEAPetition

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