Rochester Organizing for Social, Economic, and Racial Justice!

Metro Justice is a progressive member-driven, grassroots organization dedicated to social, economic, and racial justice in Rochester, NY. Founded in 1965 as Friends of FIGHT, in a struggle for equal access to good jobs at Kodak, our organization was born fighting for justice and equality for all people. 

Since that time, Metro Justice has evolved, taking on many important issues and growing as we go. Today, with around 1,000 members our Fight for Economic Justice Campaign works to put an end to the incredible wealth inequality and the poverty that our city experiences as a result of that inequality. When we join together to demand a more fair and just society, our individual voices are louder, our efforts more effective, our power greater.



Metro Justice currently is working on an array of different campaigns! There is no dull moment or bad time to get involved with us, and there is always something to do within Metro Justice. Click on the header above to learn more about what we're currently working on and where you can fit in!


Metro Justice is led by an elected body of members, our Council. The Council makes most of the major decisions of the organization, both politically and financially. Council members are some of the most active members of the organization and are elected every year at our Annual Members Meeting. Click on the header above to meet our Council members!


Metro Justice staff take on the day-to-day job of coordinating the efforts and ideas of the Metro Justice membership. They help to implement and organize our campaigns, educate our community, work with community allies, build our membership and keep the doors open. Click on the header above to meet our staff!


Metro Justice also has three Task Forces that work on specific projects that are member-driven: The Rochester Committee on Latin America (ROCLA), Ciudad Hermana, and Peace Action and Education. Click on our header above to learn more about our Task Forces!


At all times, Metro Justice has great internship opportunities for youth and students to learn the ropes of social justice organizing. Click on the header above to learn about what types of internships we offer, and what job opportunities we have available!


Want more information on specific departments and campaigns? Contact one of our staff members!

Need to do campaign work after hours?  Ask a staff member about making a reservation!

Interested in reserving the space for an event? Contact Jay Rowe at (585) 397-3538 or