Rochester Organizing for Social, Economic, and Racial Justice!

Metro Justice is a member-driven, grassroots organization dedicated to social, economic, and racial justice in Rochester, NY. Founded in 1965, as Friends of FIGHT, in a struggle for equal access to good jobs at Kodak, our organization was born fighting for justice and equality for all people. 

Since that time, Metro Justice has evolved, taking on many important issues and growing as we go. Today, with around 1,000 members our Fight for Economic Justice Campaign works to put an end to the incredible wealth inequality and the poverty that our city experiences as a result of that inequality. 

In our 50th year, our focus is the Fight for 15. We are working alongside fast food workers as they fight for a living wage, respect, and the right to a union without retaliation. We know that the only solution to poverty everyday people organized to have the power to change the world for the better. Fast food workers are doing that, and we're standing alongside them to win!

Join the Fight for 15 in Rochester!

To learn more about the other fights we're involved in, go here.