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Metro Justice is a member-driven, grassroots organization dedicated to social, economic, and racial justice in Rochester, NY. Founded in 1965, as Friends of FIGHT, in a struggle for equal access to good jobs at Kodak, our organization was born fighting for justice and equality for all people. 

Since that time, Metro Justice has evolved, taking on many important issues and growing as we go. Today, with around 1,000 members our Fight for Economic Justice Campaign works to put an end to the incredible wealth inequality and the poverty that our city experiences as a result of that inequality. 

Fight for 15

In our 50th year, one of our major campaigns is the Fight for 15. We are working alongside fast food workers as they fight for a living wage, respect, and the right to a union without retaliation. We know that the only solution to poverty everyday people organized to have the power to change the world for the better. Fast food workers are doing that, and we're standing alongside them to win!


Join the Fight for 15 in Rochester!


Every Child Deserves a Quality Education

The Alliance for Quality Education (AQE)/Metro Justice Education Committee is fighting three major battles for public education.

1. To fulfill the mandate of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity, so high needs school districts in New York like Rochester have the state funding necessary to succeed

2. To stop hedge-fund billionaires from destroying public education through high-stakes testing and privatization (charter schools) 

3. To end the School-to-Prison Pipeline by passing better discipline policies, creating more supports for students, and promoting positive school climate

Read Metro Justice's 2014 Report on Breaking the School-to-Prison Pipeline by clicking on the image below:



To learn more about the other fights we're involved in, click here.


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  • Featured event

    Alternative Fair!


    THE FAIR IS 2 DAYS--Friday Night and Saturday Morning!

    Metro Justice’s values are integral to our annual Alternative Fair. You can enjoy FAMILY HOLIDAY SHOPPING with a conscience at Metro Justice’s 35th annual Alternative Fair, featuring thousands of unique fair trade, earth friendly, and locally produced goods that support a strong local economy and a just and sustainable world.

    This is holiday shopping at prices the whole family can afford, and for many families, it’s their #1 shopping destination each year.  Sale items include pottery, textiles, jewelry, fine art, toys & games, ornaments, and much more — all fair trade imports or hand crafted by local artists.

    There is a suggested donation of $3 for all those over age 12, and free child care is available for young children and babies. Bring the whole family for several hours, and enjoy the festive atmosphere as you shop with a conscience. Chances are you’ll see many friends, too!

    Want to volunteer?

    Want to be a vendor? 

    Want to play music?

    December 02, 2016 at 5pm
    First Unitarian Church

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    Statement in Reaction to Minimum Wage

    We were told only months ago that raising the minimum wage to $15 was necessary to restoring opportunity and basic dignity to workers and their families across New York State. Political decision-makers in our state just told us that that’s only true if you live south of Westchester County.

    If you live in cities like Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse – some of the poorest cities in the nation – the recent minimum wage decision in New York State condemns you to continual poverty in the future. To raise Upstate wages to $12.50 by 2021 is too little, too late.

    Working people in our city are forced to choose between rent and groceries this month. That rent will not wait until 2021. They cannot turn off their electricity and wait until 2021 or even 2025 when they finally get $15.

    We do not intend to wait. The fast-food worker movement taught us that when working people take bold, public action we can change the narrative of the entire country. Working people from retail, agriculture, fast-food, home-health, and more will continue to demand $15 now.

    We congratulate our brothers and sisters in New York City that have won significant wage increase at a fast pace. The Fight for 15 has won major victories and raises for millions of workers across this country. This will only inspire us to continued action. The fight is not over.

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    2016 Strategic Planning Process!

    In 2016, Metro Justice will be going through an intensive Strategic Planning Process. There are many great opportunities that lie in front of us as an organization, but only through a clear vision and strategy will we be able to take advantage of those opportunities and move our communities forward towards genuine economic, racial, and social justice. This page is your first stop in understanding how the strategic planning process will move forward and how you can participate in those conversations as a member of Metro Justice.

    Goals of our Strategic Planning Process:

    The responsibility of the Strategic Planning Committee is to inspire Metro Justice’s membership and leadership in the strategic planning process and to elicit their involvement in events and discussions.

    The outcomes of this process will be (clearly identified and written down):

    • Understanding of the political/economical/social moment, giving the organization a common outlook for developing priorities in the next 1-10 years

    • Articulated vision of how MJ cultivates transformational change

    • Identify a few major areas of focus for Metro Justice where we should direct our energy to build the organization

    • Identify the skills, resources and perspectives that we bring to the table to create the change we want to see. Clarify how we should relate to other groups locally, regionally and nationally

    • Establish clear institutional structures necessary to effectively meet our goals, including staff structure and a plan for methods to grow and sustain membership.

    Introduction to the Strategic Planning Process:

    The development of a long-term strategic plan will have several major topics that drive specific portions of the conversation (listed below) to build upon one another. Each topic will last between 1 and 2 months and will include several components. As the topic’s time period comes to an end, the strategic planning committee will write a document on the conclusion of the that topic to help inform the conversation for the next topic.

    The components of the conversation are meant to engage members, leaders, staff, and allies in each topic of the process. The components will include:

    • Suggested Readings for members, leaders, and staff.

    • Small group meetings and presentations to help deepen specific parts of the conversation.

    • Online forum for comment and conversation about readings and presentation. [Join Facebook Group here.]

    • Outside speaker to provide their analysis in larger events and small group meetings.

    • Focus groups for specific groups of members and allies

    • Written conclusion to use for the next topic.

    Calendar of Major Themes:

    Follow each link below for a thorough explanation of each month's activities.

    1. Analysis of the moment (February-March) Concluded.
    2. Theory of change (April-July) Concluded.
    3. Role of Metro Justice (August-September)
    4. Capacity and structures necessary to achieve our goals (October-November)
    5. Writing and finalizing long-term strategic plan and timeline (November-December)

    Strategic Planning Committee Members:

    • Denise Young, President
    • Jake Allen, Council-member
    • Emily Hartnett-Liefter, member
    • Colin O'Malley, staff
    • Robert Hoggard, staff
    • Elizabeth Nicolas, ally
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