Solidarity With Northern Syria

Defend Northern Syria -- Stop Arms Sales to Turkey!

After nearly a decade of war in Syria, the heroes who defeated ISIS face the threat of annihilation. The Democratic Federation ofNorthern Syria and their Syrian Democratic Forces are building a stable, secular democracy in the midst of the war. Yet neighboring Turkey, a supposed NATO ally, is trying to destroy Northern Syria.


  • Turkey under President Erdogan continues to aid the Islamic State, Al-Qaeda, and other jihadist forces.
  • Turkish military and proxy forces are illegally occupying northwestern Syria, from Afrin to Al-Bab.
  • Turkish military and proxy forces are carrying out a campaign of ethnic genocide against Afrin’s Kurds.
  • Turkish fighter jets continue bombing civilian targets throughout Northern Syria and Iraq.

Congress can and must stop the sale of US F-35 fighter jets to the Turkish Regime. We call on our Senators and Congressional Representatives to pass S.2781/H.R.5863: A bill to limit the transfer of F-35 aircraft to Turkey.  Click the links above to read the available information on each bill.

For more information about the campaign visit North American Kurdish Alliance's 'Ground Jihadist Jets' Campaign.

If you're in Rochester, NY you can learn more about getting involved by following the Rochester Friends of Rojava facebook page.

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