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  • Tuesday, November 19, 2019 at 07:00 PM · 1 rsvp
    Metro Justice Community Room in Rochester, NY

    Third Thursdays

    Calling all rebels & renegades, we have work to do!

    We find legislation we can influence, policies we do or don't like, or other general insanity to combat, & we raise our voices together in support or protest.

    We talk about ideas, & we work toward a better future.

    We are an informal group. We show up, share thoughts, & then decide what representatives or groups to write to that night.

    Invite friends!

  • Thursday, November 21, 2019 at 07:00 AM · 1 rsvp
    Albany Capital Center in Albany, NY

    Picket the Health Insurance Profiteers!

    On Thursday, Nov 21st, the Campaign for New York Health is protesting the annual meeting of the New York Health Plan Association (NYHPA) in Albany. The NYHPA is a trade association/lobby group that serves our state’s private health insurers. NYHPA and their corporate allies have formed the misleading “Realities of Single Payer Coalition” that’s desperately fighting a highly popular bill in the state legislature to guarantee publicly-funded healthcare for all (NY Health Act).

    The NYHPA is the biggest obstacle to making health care a human right in NYS, so we must fight back. Join us in Albany for a picket, speak out, and rally to tell them it is time for them to GO!
    UnitedHealth Group, a prominent member of the NYHPA, is currently being investigated in NY for using a racially-biased algorithm that resulted in less care for Black patients with more complex health conditions than white patients. Meanwhile, UnitedHealth Group's CEO David Wichmann's total compensation for 2018 was $21.5 million while denying and withholding needed care for people.  

    50% of NYers failed to get the medical attention needed because of cost barriers.

    62% of bankruptcies are due to medical debt. 70% of those bankruptcies are people WITH insurance at the time they got sick.

    39,000 people died due to lack of healthcare last year.

    Enough is enough. We need to get greedy profiteers out of our healthcare by passing the New York Health Act and Medicare for All. When we fight, we win. 

    Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can have enough signs, food, and transportation: www.bit.ly/PicketTheProfiteers2019

    Metro Justice will be coordinating transportation to Albany from Rochester. Lunch will also be provided. The pick-up and drop-off location still have to be determined, but please expect to meet up around 7:15 AM to depart for Albany and to return to Rochester by about 7 PM. Our Lead Organizer, Mohini Sharma, will make sure you have transportation details at least a week in advance.

  • Saturday, November 23, 2019 at 11:00 AM · 3 rsvps
    Metro Justice in Rochester, NY

    Canvass for Clean, Publicly-Owned Energy!

    Join us to talk to residents of the Plymouth-Exchange (PLEX) Neighborhood in Rochester about our campaign: Rochester for Energy Democracy (R.E.D.).

    R.E.D. is a campaign started by Metro Justice to halt the pending climate catastrophe and ensure environmental justice in the long-term. We are striving to build an energy system that meets the needs of communities instead of meeting the greed of investor-owned, for-profit oil companies and utilities.  

    The first steps towards this vision is organizing our neighborhoods for community-owned solar and replacing RG&E with a public utility. These steps could make a rapid green energy transition possible while significantly lowering our energy bills, creating local jobs, investing surpluses from rates back into the community, and giving Rochester residents a say in how our homes are powered.

    We are currently in the initial base-building and planning phase. The purpose of this canvass will be to introduce the campaign to PLEX residents, listen to their experiences with meeting their energy needs, and recruit them to the effort. 

    Join us to build the community power we need to kick-start this campaign and organize to win! Coffee and bagels will be provided. You must RSVP to attend. If this will be your first canvass with R.E.D. and you have never attended a R.E.D. Organizing meeting, our Lead Organizer, Mohini, will follow-up with you to meet 1-on-1 sometime before the upcoming meeting. Before you attend your first canvass, we would like to learn more about why this is important to you, bring you up to speed on our campaign so far, and answer any questions you have!


  • Wednesday, November 27, 2019 at 06:00 PM
    Metro Justice Community Room in Rochester, NY

    Monthly organizing potluck for health care!

    Metro Justice is a founding member of the Campaign for New York Health: a statewide movement to pass the New York Health Act so that we have universal, public health care in New York State. No more premiums; no more co-pays; no more deductibles. Health care is a human right. 

    Our local chapter, Rochester for NY Health, is gaining the kind of people power that we will need to win health care for all in New York in 2020! Come be a part of the movement and share a meal with other health care advocates! 

    RSVP below. 

  • Friday, December 06, 2019 at 05:00 PM · 15 rsvps
    First Unitarian Church in Rochester, NY

    Alternative Fair!


    THE FAIR IS 2 DAYS--Friday 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am until 3:00 pm!

    Metro Justice’s values are integral to our annual Alternative Fair. You can enjoy FAMILY HOLIDAY SHOPPING with a conscience at Metro Justice’s 37th annual Alternative Fair, featuring thousands of unique fair trade, earth friendly, and locally produced goods that support a strong local economy and a just and sustainable world.

    Want to be a vendor? Are you part of a community organization that wants to table? Contact Andrew Thomas, Fundraising and Membership Director (andrew@metrojustice.org), for an application and information.

    This is holiday shopping at prices the whole family can afford, and for many families, it’s their #1 shopping destination each year. Sale items include pottery, textiles, jewelry, fine art, toys & games, ornaments, and much more — all fair trade imports or hand crafted by local artists.

    There is a suggested donation of $3 for all those over age 12, and free child care is available for children 8 and under. Bring the whole family and enjoy the festive atmosphere as you shop with a conscience. Food will be available and chances are you’ll see many friends, too!

    Want to volunteer?

    Want to be a vendor? 

    Want to play music?

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