IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Local Billionaire donates his riches to Metro Justice


richguy.jpgThe 1% doesn't want to challenge the status quo--they benefit from it.  Each year, they earn more while the rest of us can't make ends meet.  Do you think they want to change the system that puts them on top while we struggle at the bottom? 

Every day, Metro Justice fights to dismantle the system that keeps the 1% on top.  Metro Justice members are strategically planning and passionately fighting to make the dream of social justice a reality. We have been for almost 50 years. Metro Justice demands:   

  • That New York end discrimination and inequality based on gender and restore New York as a leader in women’s rights through the Women’s Equality Act, 
  • That all students have the right to quality public education that serves them and their communities, 
  • An end of illegal bank foreclosures in the City of Rochester, 
  • The passing of genuine universal healthcare in New York State, 
  • A living wage and stronger unions, and 
  • Improvements to Social Security, the American Worker’s safety net.

We don't need the help of Local Billionaires to strengthen our movements, we have the power of the people.  This power is much stronger than any other organization out there.  No large donors mean that we'll always be free challenge inequities affect. No powerful donor will ever threaten to back out because they don't like our work. No politician can cut off our funding. YOU ensure our voices are loud and our power is strong.

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