Rally for Positive School Climate and a New Code of Conduct



The Rochester City School District Board of Education has shown leadership by committing to rewrite their discipline policies and pass a new Code of Conduct. Suspensions and arrests are out of control, with over 10,000 students being removed from the classroom every year and many dropping out of school or ending up in prison as a result. This is known as the School-to-Prison Pipeline: students being pushed out of the classroom and into the criminal justice system. Let's keep the pressure up till these new policies become a reality.

What: Rally For Positive School Climate and a New Code of Conduct

When: Thursday, February 25 at 6pm

Where: 131 W. Broad St., Rochester, NY

While parents and the community thank the Board of Education for committing to this process of reform, we now ask they move that process to a conclusion. The Board of Education must understand how urgent this crisis is. Every day we wait more students are losing time in class to suspensions, falling behind, and dropping out of school. 

We are holding this rally during February, which is a month to celebrate Black History. Unfortunately, we know young black men suffer the most under the school-to-prison pipeline. The Board can make history of its own, by introducing a draft of the new code of conduct by the end of February. 

We know the district was handed the proposed Code of Conduct on February 4th. Now it is time to finish the work.

We ask everyone in the community to show your support by attending this important rally at 131 W. Broad St., Rochester, NY, Thursday, February 25 at 6pm.


What: Rally For Positive School Climate and a New Code of Conduct

When: Thursday, February 25 at 6pm

Where: 131 W. Broad St., Rochester, NY

February 25, 2016 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Board of Education
131 W Broad St
Rochester, NY 14614
United States
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Elaine Erbland
Sheila Griffin
Lachelle Hall
Julie Hutchinson
Shirl Bondshirl
Donna Eggleston
Donivin Yawn
Alvina Manning
Alvina Manning
Sallie Williams
Eamonn Scanlon
Tahiana Bernal
Joan Lambert
Velverly Caldwell
Leon Zoghlin
Judith Van Ness

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