May Day 2017

Join us along with thousands of workers across the world, and a local coalition of worker's justice centered organizations, for a festival of political arts, culture, and international workers solidarity. We'll gather together to demonstrate at the Liberty Pole at 5:30pm this May 1st to raise our voices in solidarity with struggling workers in unfair conditions across the globe.
DJ Alykhan, Sai Dmonios Ske, and other performers and speakers, who are not afraid to speak truth to power, will be heard by this city on May Day - and you won't want to miss it. From sociopolitical, conscious lyrics, to the art of story telling, to the essence of battle, to the spiritual quest, to the love of song, it will all be here for you to experience. 

Please visit the Rochester Worker’s Center facebook page to RSVP HERE.

Don't forget to share the event widely because we want to make it clear to the world that here in Rochester -WE SUPPORT WORKERS!

Organizations, artists, and educators that want to get further involved are encouraged to contact Luis Torres at [email protected].

May 01, 2017 at 5:30pm - 9:30pm
Liberty Pole
Luis ·

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