Print and Digital Media Intership

Founded in 1965, Metro Justice is Rochester’s leading grassroots, member-driven, progressive organization working for social and economic justice.  We are committed to community organizing that advances our multi-issue platform for racial and economic justice.

Summary of the internship:

Interns will work closely with program staff on fundraising campaigns and membership development.   Working on these efforts may include/require:

  1. Background in web design, graphic design, and communications to assist in the promotion, and execution of fundraising events
  2. Spring Interns will assist with the promotion of the Annual Dinner.
  3. Fall Interns will assist with the promotion of the Alternative Fair.
  4. Creating compelling visuals in multiple print and digital media formats to support membership recruitment and development.
  5. Creating and developing new ways for members interact digitally with the organization
  6. Familiarity with social networking sites and willingness to assisting with the management and development of our social media presence.
  7. Strong communication skills.
  8. Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  9. Organization, with an ability to prioritize time-sensitive assignments.
  10. Creativity and flexibility.
  11. Commitment to social justice and worker’s rights required
  12. Interest in, civic engagement, activism, nonprofit management, and community development.
  13. Other administrative tasks as necessary

Interns should be eager to build movements for social justice and to develop the skills necessary to build sustainable effective grassroots organizations.


This unpaid internship offers a flexible schedule with an 8-20 hour a week commitment. Internships are available year round and may be adapted for specific needs.  If you are interested, contact Andrew Thomas, Fundraising and Membership Director, at [email protected]

Contact Person: 
Andrew Thomas 
Fundraising and Membership Director 
(585) 397-3535 
[email protected]

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