Become a Metro Justice Member

Metro Justice is different than the other organizations out there.  Instead of relying on grants from large foundations and corporations, we continue to remain member funded with membership dues.  

Your Membership will provide us the support we need to facilitate direct action organizing for our many campaigns.  Please continue your commitment to progressive action in Rochester. You can you make us stronger! 


  • Monthly Sustaining Membership - Instead of giving yearly dues, Metro Justice debits your credit card each month and those funds immediately fund our campaigns. Your monthly contribution creates a consistent base that Metro Justice can rely on to strengthen our campaigns.  Can we count on you to contribute monthly to Metro Justice as Sustaining Member? 
  • Annual Membership - When you become a member of Metro Justice, you are joining hundreds of people who share a similar vision—hundreds of people who know that our individual voices are stronger and our efforts are more effective when we join together. Please join Metro Justice today so we can work together to create a more fair and just world for tomorrow!

If you'd like to mail us your dues, simply mail us a check (recommended minimum of $60 per year) to:

Metro Justice, 389 Gregory St, Unit A, Rochester, NY 14620

For more information on how to make your membership tax-deductible, please contact our Fundraising and Membership Director, at [email protected].

  • Andrew Thomas
    published this page 2017-04-25 08:18:42 -0400


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