Colin O'Malley urges NY to "Raise the Age!"


“The impact might not be just spending time in jail, it might not be just spending more time in jail, it could be loss of section 8 housing possibilities, it could be loss of college aid, it could be decreased job potential once you’re out.” MJ Organizing Director explained at the "Raise the Age" Press Conference at the Center for Youth yesterday morning.

Teenagers in New York who are 16-year-olds and get in trouble with the law can be tried as an adult. But some want to see that age go up. The “Raise the Age Movement” wants teens 18-year-olds and older to be tried as adults.

80 percent of teens who end up in adult jails will re-offend. When they get out of these jails, those children will have less of a chance of getting education, a good job and even affordable housing. 

New York State and North Carolina are the only states in the country that treat children 16-year-olds and older as adults in the legal system.

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