Urge Rochester City Council to replace RG&E with a public utility!

Have you had enough of RG&E profitting off of failure for decades? Join Metro Justice in calling for a tried and true solution: a public utility! 

There's an answer to this problem with RG&E, and Metro Justice has been calling for it with our Rochester for Energy Democracy Campaign. We can turn RG&E into a public utility within the City of Rochester and Monroe County! Public utilities across the nation are proven to be more affordable, reliable, renewable, and economically beneficial to their local communities than private utilities. Rochester area residents have a chance for a real solution - NY state law states that with an implementation study and a positive referendum, RG&E would be forced to sell to the public. 

It's time to call on the Rochester City Council to take the RG&E crisis seriously and take the first step towards a solution: allocating up to $500 thousand for an implementation study on taking over RG&E in City and Monroe County area and turning it into a public utility. City Council has the money, including up to $2 million of unspent money from the 2022 budget. This $500 thousand would go towards a joint fund with Monroe County, so that the City and County are partnering to commission the study. This study would give us a comprehensive road map for establishing a public utility that is affordable, responsive to your needs, local, renewable, and invested in our local workforce and economy.

City Council has the power to stop $108 million a year from bleeding out of our community to line RG&E's shareholders' pockets despite gross mismanagement. They owe it to residents to act on the RG&E crisis, and they need to hear from you to do so! 

The next City Council meeting is Thursday, February 16th at Rochester City Hall (30 Church Street, Rochester, NY, 14614). The Public Comment period begins at 6 PM, so please plan to arrive by 5:40 PM if possible so that you have time to park, go through security, and find the Chambers. 

To join us:

- The first step is to RSVP below to let us know you're coming! Whether you're speaking or coming to show to your support in the audience, we want to know that you'll be joining us! 

We highly encourage you to sign up to speak: hearing constituents share their RG&E stories and directly call on them to fund a study for a public utility is most effective in moving City Council to take action. To sign up to speak, you must either call 585-428-7538 or 585-428-7421, or email [email protected] as soon as possible. Please include your first and last name, mailing address, phone number, and the topic of your comments: urging City Council to commission and fund an implementation study for a public utility. If you sign up to speak, please email Mohini Sharma (mohini@metrojustice) and Michelle Wenderlich ([email protected]) to let us know! 

You will have a strict 2 minutes to speak, and people will speak in the order in which they signed up. Please plan to end your remarks with a call to City Council to allocate up to $500 thousand for an implementation study for a public takeover of RG&E in the City or Monroe County area, and to work with Metro Justice and Monroe County to commission the study. Here is a more detailed guideline for your remarks! 

Let's make sure our City Council sides with us, the ratepayers, instead of protecting RG&E! 

February 16, 2023 at 6:00pm - 7:30pm
Rochester City Hall
30 Church St
Rochester, NY 14614
United States
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Mohini Sharma · · 585-397-3534
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