Vendor Spotlight: Ann's Cool Wood Jewelry


With the Metro Justice Alternative Fair less than two weeks away, we're running a Vendor Spotlight. This will be a mini-series featuring some of the vendors who will be appearing at our Alternative Fair this year! First up is Ann's Cool Wood Jewelry, run by Ann Tippett and Mike Doolin.

Ann's Cool Wood Jewelry specializes in a variety of jewelry including necklaces, earrings, money clips, and even themed jewelry! Ann designs the jewelry, while Mike does the crafting. After the initial design is created, a prototype is made in the wood shop. That prototype is then evaluated for functionality, aesthetic, and durability. Once evaluation is complete the final product is made. 

I had the opportunity to ask a few questions related to the creative process, and the relationship Ann's Cool Wood Jewelry has with the Alternative Fair. Read below!


1. As a returning vendor, what do you enjoy about the Alternative Fair?

This will be our second year at the Alternative Fair. We got in last year, I think, at the last minute because of a cancellation. It was the very first show we had ever done and we really didn't know what to expect. It was a great success for us. The show organizers helped us when we arrived, showed us to our booth, gave us some helpful tips on how to set up. We sold a lot of our wood jewelry, met a lot of the other vendors, and generally had a very good time. We're delighted to be back!

2. Where do you source your wood from?

We buy our wood from all over. There are two excellent sources right here in Rochester: Pittsford Lumber in Schoen Place, and Lakeshore Hardwoods in Victor. We also buy from West Penn Hardwoods in Olean, a place in Michigan, another in Oregon and occasionally from a place in Texas.

3. On average, how long does it take to work on a piece from conception to finish?

 It depends entirely on the piece. I might be able to craft a pendant or a small pair of earrings in just a few hours, while a box with a sliding compartment or drawer might take 15-20 hours, perhaps more. All of the things we sell are hand-crafted, and although the initial work is done on precision power tools like table saws, bandsaws and routers, the assembly and finishing is all done by hand, one step at a time. And of course there's the selection of the wood up front, before a piece is actually started. And if it's a piece that uses lamination techniques - a lot of our jewelry is laminated - that has to be done first, before the actual piece is even started. It's very labor intensive. And, to be honest, sometimes the original concept just doesn't seem to work when you finally get it put together. The public never gets to see those, LOL!

You can visit Ann's Cool Wood Jewelry online at:

I would like to take the time to thank Ann's Cool Wood Jewelry for answering these questions, stop by and visit them at our Alternative Fair  December 5th and 6th.  RSVP on our Facebook event page so we know you're coming! 


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