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Resources for Utility Bills

RG&E gets rich by charging exorbitant rates for basic utilities and sourcing their energy from dirty fossil fuels. Rochester for Energy Democracy (RED) is fighting to replace RG&E with a cooperatively owned public utility that can provide the affordable and clean energy that our community deserves. WE NEED PUBLIC POWER! 

Until we win a better utility, we know people will continue to struggle to afford heat and electricity from RG&E. Most news channels are reporting that gas prices are predicted to skyrocket for everyone around the globe for the 2021 - 2022 winter. In the US, heating bills are predicted to increase by $100 - $300 per month because of this. Below are some resources we hope that will help. 

HEAP (New York State Program)

- Offers grants to help pay heating bills and improve efficiency of furnace/chimney

- Eligibility based on income, household size, and age of persons in household

- Funds are limited; apply early!

- Apply at Monroe County DSS: 111 Westfall Rd. 

- Phone: 585-753-6477


Emergency HEAP Benefit

- Helps pay to avoid an impending shut off

- Eligibility based on income, available resources, and the type of emergency

- Apply at Monroe County DSS: 111 Westfall Rd. 

- Phone: 585-753-6477


HEAP Arrears Supplemental Benefit

- Helps pay overdue utility bills up to $10,000

- Eligibility based on income, household size, and other factors

- Opens January 3, 2022

- Apply at Monroe County DSS: 111 Westfall Rd. 

- Phone: 585-753-6477


Info on NYS bill forgiveness program

- Automatic for existing debt as of May 1 2022 if enroll in HEAP by 12/2022 (HEAP low income eligibility applies)


RG&E Billing Assistance

- Protection from disconnection and payment plans

- Let them know if your financial situation has changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic

- Let them know if someone in your household uses life-support equipment

- Call 877-266-3492

Child Settlement house

- Helps people apply for HEAP

- May have funds for utility bills

- Call to apply: 585-227-0810


ABC Weatherization Assistance Program

- Upgrades appliances to improve energy efficiency and lower energy bills

- Open to renters and owners

- Eligibility based on income and bill expenses

- To apply, make an appointment at 


Pandemic Affected Response Team at ABC

- Utility assistance up to $300

- Food and rent assistance

- For eligibility, call 585-325-5116 ext 3511


Emergency Services and Family Stabilization Program

- Utility and gas bill assistance

- Resident of zip codes 14611, 14608, 14619

- Call to apply: 585-436-3090


Hope Ministry

- Assists with gas and heat bills

- For income and other eligibility 585-265-6694



- NYSERDA Energy Efficiency for income qualified individuals 

- Renters or owners 


Heat Smart Monroe

- Educational information on energy efficiency and clean heating and cooling

- Can help navigate the EmPower program. 



Public Utility Law Project

- Help avoiding shut offs, filing complaints, navigating program offerings

- Toll Free Hotline (877) 669-2572 or email [email protected]


For other issues / to attempt to resolve an issue:
1) File a complaint with State Regulators (Public Service Commission)
Guidance at this site, Hotline: 1-800-342-3355.

2) Get in touch with WHEC reporter Jennifer Lewke, who's been reporting on problems elevating issues to the RG&E President: [email protected], (585) 546-0736, Facebook, Twitter

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