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Vendor Spotlight: OnHand Lotions


Only one more day until the Alternative Fair, can you believe it? This time tomorrow the Alternative Fair will be kicking off, giving shoppers the opportunity to buy hand made, and fair trade items from independent artists and crafts people. Closing out out our Vendor Spotlight is OnHand Lotions in Bristol, NY. OnHand Lotions makes organic lotion and skin care products which also include balms, sprays, and even sunblock. Learn more about On Hand's products and ingredients in this interview with owner Hayna Weems. See you at the Fair tomorrow!

OnHand Lotions is a new company, with a strong focus on sustainability. As Hayna says:

On Hand Lotions was founded on April 9, 2014 after 6 years of making products for my friends and children, who are currently 2, 4, and 6. We are a 100% independent, no-debt, self-started company. I'm thrilled to share that this is my family's full-time job. My dream is to one day support not only ourselves, but other families as well by creating a respectful, professional, healthy work environment for our future employees. 

1. What attracted you to the Alternative Fair?

I first learned of the Alternative Fair from a good friend who attends the First Unitarian Church of Rochester. Personal, social, environmental, and fiscal responsibility and a strong commitment to local living are hugely important to me and she thought the Fair would be a good fit.



2. How do you make lotion?

 In my kitchen! We're converting a room to a small lab/kitchen space as the business continues to outgrow our home. Product development and refinement are done thoughtfully with careful attention to ingredient safety. My products all begin as solutions to my children's and customers' skin and health challenges and I value their trust immensely. To give them the safest, best possible product, all items are made with certified organic ingredients and contain essential oil types and dilutions that are appropriate for the the product's intended use. 

3. Where do you source your ingredients?

I grow, brew, infuse, and decoct some of them myself, and purchase the rest from reputable companies in the area. For example, I brew the apple cider vinegar used in Bugscreen insect repellent from organic apples grown on my family's land. Some ingredients do not grow locally so I seek fair-trade, organic, direct sources for items such as coconut oil and cocoa butter. My goal is to source 100% of my Northeast-friendly ingredients such as herbs and beeswax from nearby suppliers and growers. In fact, I recently outgrew the maximum volume of my beeswax source and would love apiary recommendations from fellow Metro Justice readers! 

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