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What is Praxis?

PRAXIS.jpgPRAXIS is our online social justice dialogue. Get involved in the discussion!

Progressive Reflection and Action to eXpandInspirational Social change.

Part of building any substantial movement for social change is collective learning. To be more effective, more thoughtful, and more inspired activists and organizers, we need to always challenge ourselves to learn more and discuss our thoughts with one another as they relate to our efforts for social justice.

This is praxis — finding the common point between thought and action, to ensure thoughtful action. This helps us to avoid thinking without taking action and taking constant action without reflecting on its usefulness and effectiveness.

To help build this culture of collective learning and dialogue, Metro Justice is announcing ourPRAXISan online and participatory dialogue for social justice! In PRAXIS you can expect to learn about and discuss issues related to social, economic, and racial justice in our country and the world.

We will be regularly updating our blog and facebook page with important content from around our progressive communities. Once per month, we will send out the articles that we believe are most relevant to our work and important to discuss. Then comes your part. What can you do to help build PRAXIS?

    • Read the articles we post and comment on them on our website or on facebook.
    • Share the links to the articles on our website with your friends and family.
    • Send articles that you think should be discussed to [email protected] or Fill out the form below

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