U.S. Representative Morelle: protect health care for trans people!

Previously, the LGBT+ Committee of Metro Justice mobilized to outlaw the trans/gay panic defense. Now, we are expanding our efforts to demands that further uplift our LGBT+ community. One such new effort is a movement to protect health care access for trans people nationwide. Our power is in numbers, so we need people like you to support the cause with your words and actions. The first step is to fill out the petition below to demand action from Representative Morrele, and so that we can keep you updated on how you can make a difference in the movement!

Representative Morrele;

I am sure you are aware that since taking office, Donald Trump has waged war on the rights of the transgender community. His administration is making it harder for trans people to serve and access health care while making it easier for people to discriminate against them, most notably in its attempts to allow first responders and medical professionals to refuse care for trans citizens.
Your constituents need you to take action, and lead the way to make this country safe for all Americans, not just the gender conforming. We need you to publicly denounce, and call for a plan of action against, this heinous attack on one of our nation’s most vulnerable populations.

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