Town Hall for a Public Utility with All Rochester City Councilmembers At-Large

Fed up with RG&E? You're not alone! Last October, nearly 150 people came to our Town Hall for a Public Utility with City Council Vice President Mary Lupien. This December, we're having a second town hall and have invited At-Large Rochester City Councilmembers to listen. 

If you live in Fairport, your power company is actually under public, local, and community control. Rochester residents deserve the same options.  With data, research, and your support, Rochester City Council can formally study turning our Gas & Electric supplier into a public utility.  But to do that, they need to hear from you!

Come to the second Rochester for Energy Democracy Town Hall meeting with At-Large Rochester City Councilmembers, to share your challenges with RG&E customer service and crushing rate increases, and learn how you can join the movement to replace RG&E with public utility.  Your stories will also help guide City Council as they consider possible next steps to replace RG&E with a community-owned utility that will be more affordable, accountable, and climate-conscious.

RG&E, a for-profit company owned by Iberdrola based in Spain, extracts $95 million a year in profits from our community with little reinvestment. RG&E files to increase our rates every few years; and has just filed for a 20% rate hike- almost double the increase granted in 2020.  All at a time when Rochester’s families are facing staggering cost of living increases.   

Fairport, Spencerport, and Churchville all have public utilities; we would like to hear if you think Rochester should too! This Town Hall meeting will be held on Monday, December 19th from 6-8 PM at the Gleason Auditorium of the Central Library of Rochester and Monroe County (115 South Avenue). Arrive at 5:15 PM for free food, sponsored by Metro Justice, from Rob's Kabobs Food Truck prior to the start of the town hall!

The event will be livestreamed at Metro Justice's Facebook page and available to watch there after the event. 

Parking and directions:

- We recommend parking in the Court Street Garage next to the library, or finding street parking.

- The Rochester Public Library has 2 buildings. The Gleason Auditorium is in the building that is connected to the Court Street Parking Garage, and you can enter that library building through the doors on the corner of South Avenue and Broad Street. There will be a sign! 

December 19, 2022 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Gleason Auditorium of the Central Library of Rochester & Monroe County
115 South Ave
Rochester, NY 14604
United States
Google map and directions
Mohini Sharma · · 585-397-3534
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Elizabeth Henderson
Leigh Kwiatek
Kieran Bushey
Aly Belknap
Michael Harold
James Murphy
Thomas Vergari
Brian Managan
Yvonne Hylton
Dawn Borch
Barlue Allen
Shawn Hagan
Judith Boyd
Michael Tomb
Theresa Harris
Roosevelt Murray
Susan Hughes Smith
Albert Blankley
Seth Oser
Brett Peters
Tim Nolan
AnDrea Carrigan
Rome Celli
Robin Engel
Cara Guth
Rachel Heberling
Jim Berger
Jonathan Hardin
Brad Winderl
Kim Benson

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