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Stop Andy Puzder!

PuzderDOL.pngInstead of taking on the rigged economy, it seems like Donald Trump wants to rig it up even more. By picking Andrew Puzder for labor secretary, Trump made it pretty clear – the next four years are going to be about low pay, wage theft, sexual harassment, and racial discrimination.

Puzder, CEO of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., is paid more in one day than many of his employees make in a year— and that’s the way he wants to keep it.

Trump wants to put Puzder in charge of enforcing these very laws that he broke as CEO. He opposes the minimum wage. He thinks workers are overprotected. He is against unions. He even said he wants to fire workers and replace them with machines that can’t take vacations or sue their employers when they break the law. In fact, as a fast-food CEO, he regularly broke the laws he’d be responsible for enforcing if he gets the job.

Puzder is the wrong choice for labor secretary. He is simply unfit to be put in charge protecting our nation’s workers and we’re calling on Members of the Senate to reject the nomination of Andy Puzder to lead the Department of Labor.

Stand with the #FightFor15! Tell Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to strongly oppose Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand:

As the Senators for New York State, you both must reject the nomination of Andy Puzder, one of the worst fast-food CEO’s, to lead the Department of Labor. He opposes the minimum wage and doesn’t care about his employees – he is simply unfit to be put in charge protecting our nation’s workers.

Who's signing

Windsor Wade
Kerry Hughes
Clara Forbes
Lieve Bain
Robert Brady
Rachael Holley
Thomas Shepard
Theresa Bertolone
Elizabeth Moore
Mary Pollock
Miriam Rabban
Ryan Prosser
Karen Costello
Jim Berger
Mary Jane Wilcox
John Boutet
Bonnie Hughes
Vicki Casarett
Salena Boyd
Joan Lambert
Rachel Foran
Sarah Ripley
Audrey Newcomb
Karen` McGarry
Katie Jo Suddaby
Richard Bachner
236 signatures

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  • Windsor Wade
    signed 2017-02-01 08:50:42 -0500
  • Kerry Hughes
    signed 2017-02-01 08:34:34 -0500
  • Clara Forbes
    signed 2017-02-01 08:30:44 -0500
  • Lieve Bain
    signed 2017-02-01 08:29:13 -0500
    Don’t throw the workers in front of the bus.
  • Robert Brady
    signed 2017-02-01 08:17:12 -0500
  • Rachael Holley
    signed 2017-02-01 08:16:44 -0500
  • Thomas Shepard
    signed 2017-02-01 08:01:59 -0500
  • Theresa Bertolone
    signed 2017-02-01 07:58:10 -0500
  • Elizabeth Moore
    signed 2017-02-01 07:50:42 -0500
  • Mary Pollock
    signed 2017-02-01 07:40:11 -0500
  • Miriam Rabban
    signed 2017-02-01 07:13:17 -0500
  • Ryan Prosser
    signed 2017-02-01 06:55:14 -0500
  • Karen Costello
    signed 2017-02-01 06:43:54 -0500
    History shows that left unregulated, business generally chooses not to pay a fair wage or benefits despite the fact that corporate profits have continued to significantly increase over the past 30 years while wages have not. While over-regulation can be an impediment to a healthy economy, no regulation results in abuse of the very people who do the work that makes the profit. This is the wrong person to lead the Dept. of Labor.
  • Jim Berger
    signed 2017-02-01 06:29:32 -0500
  • Mary Jane Wilcox
    signed 2017-02-01 06:28:23 -0500
  • John Boutet
    signed 2017-02-01 00:52:49 -0500
  • Bonnie Hughes
    signed 2017-02-01 00:00:28 -0500
  • Vicki Casarett
    signed 2017-01-31 23:56:36 -0500
  • Salena Boyd
    signed 2017-01-31 23:52:49 -0500
  • Joan Lambert
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-01-31 23:52:47 -0500
    Sign the petition: Stop Andy Puzder!
  • Joan Lambert
    @MrsRochesterNY tweeted link to this page. 2017-01-31 23:52:44 -0500
  • Joan Lambert
    signed 2017-01-31 23:52:21 -0500
  • Rachel Foran
    signed 2017-01-31 23:30:31 -0500
  • Sarah Ripley
    signed 2017-01-31 23:07:01 -0500
    You won’t enforce laws that you won’t even follow!
  • Audrey Newcomb
    signed 2017-01-31 23:03:12 -0500
    Audrey Newcomb
  • Karen` McGarry
    signed 2017-01-31 22:19:22 -0500
  • Katie Jo Suddaby
    signed 2017-01-31 22:18:25 -0500
  • Richard Bachner
    signed 2017-01-31 22:14:24 -0500
    Richard Bachner
  • Matthew Witten
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-01-31 22:06:17 -0500
    Sign the petition: Stop Andy Puzder!
  • Matthew Witten
    @hardhittinmattw tweeted link to this page. 2017-01-31 22:06:15 -0500

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