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Stop Andy Puzder!

PuzderDOL.pngInstead of taking on the rigged economy, it seems like Donald Trump wants to rig it up even more. By picking Andrew Puzder for labor secretary, Trump made it pretty clear – the next four years are going to be about low pay, wage theft, sexual harassment, and racial discrimination.

Puzder, CEO of Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr., is paid more in one day than many of his employees make in a year— and that’s the way he wants to keep it.

Trump wants to put Puzder in charge of enforcing these very laws that he broke as CEO. He opposes the minimum wage. He thinks workers are overprotected. He is against unions. He even said he wants to fire workers and replace them with machines that can’t take vacations or sue their employers when they break the law. In fact, as a fast-food CEO, he regularly broke the laws he’d be responsible for enforcing if he gets the job.

Puzder is the wrong choice for labor secretary. He is simply unfit to be put in charge protecting our nation’s workers and we’re calling on Members of the Senate to reject the nomination of Andy Puzder to lead the Department of Labor.

Stand with the #FightFor15! Tell Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to strongly oppose Andy Puzder for Labor Secretary.

Senators Schumer and Gillibrand:

As the Senators for New York State, you both must reject the nomination of Andy Puzder, one of the worst fast-food CEO’s, to lead the Department of Labor. He opposes the minimum wage and doesn’t care about his employees – he is simply unfit to be put in charge protecting our nation’s workers.

Who's signing

Charlotte Baltus
JoAnne Metzler
Alissa Karl
Sheila Lerner
Jo Cummings
Terry Kelly
Michelle Metallo
Susan Hughes-Smith
Matt Shackelford
Katharine Burke
Nancy Rosin
Amy Pitt
Colin O'Malley
Meg Schubert
Robert Good
Melora Miller
Karen Stoddard
Deborah Modrak
Jessie Keating
Nicole Bell
Rod Vane
Elizabeth Henderson
Laura Lentz
236 signatures

Will you sign?

  • Charlotte Baltus
    signed 2017-01-31 17:57:07 -0500
  • JoAnne Metzler
    signed 2017-01-31 17:56:48 -0500
    JoAnne Metzler
  • Alissa Karl
    signed 2017-01-31 17:55:42 -0500
  • Crescenzo Scipione
    posted about this on Facebook 2017-01-31 17:54:48 -0500
    I don't ask people to sign petitions often, but this one's personal. Sign the petition: Stop Andy Puzder!
  • Sheila Lerner
    signed 2017-01-31 17:54:48 -0500
    He is against everything that is decent but is for just himself.
  • Jo Cummings
    signed 2017-01-31 17:54:00 -0500
  • Terry Kelly
    signed 2017-01-31 17:53:07 -0500
    Terry Kelly
  • Michelle Metallo
    signed 2017-01-31 17:50:25 -0500
  • Susan Hughes-Smith
    signed 2017-01-31 17:50:00 -0500
    Susan Hughes-Smith
  • Matt Shackelford
    signed 2017-01-31 17:49:01 -0500
    matthew shackelford
  • Katharine Burke
    signed 2017-01-31 17:48:09 -0500
  • Nancy Rosin
    signed 2017-01-31 17:46:51 -0500
    Nancy Rosin
  • Amy Pitt
    signed 2017-01-31 17:45:59 -0500
  • Colin O'Malley
    signed 2017-01-31 17:45:40 -0500
  • Meg Schubert
    signed 2017-01-31 17:44:04 -0500
  • Robert Good
    signed 2017-01-31 17:43:51 -0500
    StNd up to this nomination!
  • Melora Miller
    signed 2017-01-31 17:43:41 -0500
  • Karen Stoddard
    signed 2017-01-31 17:43:22 -0500
  • Deborah Modrak
    signed 2017-01-31 17:43:16 -0500
  • Jessie Keating
    signed 2017-01-31 17:41:57 -0500
  • Nicole Bell
    signed 2017-01-31 17:41:48 -0500
  • Rod Vane
    signed 2017-01-31 17:41:40 -0500
    Rod Vane
  • Elizabeth Henderson
    signed 2017-01-31 17:41:15 -0500
  • Laura Lentz
    signed 2017-01-31 17:40:34 -0500

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