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NYC Fundraiser: Celebrating Upstate-Downstate Progressive Partnerships











contact [email protected] for questions and information

This event in New York City, is a moment for Metro Justice and it's supporters to become engaged with our current and prospective progressive allies’ downstate and in particular, emphasizing and celebrating the relationships we've built.  Please, come join us at the beautiful, intimate home of Bill Samuels, a longtime Metro Justice supporter and founder of the good government group Effective New York, to celebrate the successes of our movement and strengthen our upstate-downstate partnerships, so that we may continue the fight for racial, economic, and social equality for all.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 27th

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

WHERE: Apartment of Bill Samuels

22 East 18th St, Apt. 4E New York, New York  



2016 Honoree:
Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President of New York State Nurses Association


This year we are excited to honor a key partner in this coalition-building effort: Judy Sheridan-Gonzalez, President of the New York State Nurses Association.  New Yorkers across the state have been engaged in the fight for single payer health care for decades.  We want to take a little time to recognize NYSNA's ongoing support of this fight as well as Judy's leadership and dedication to the cause of affordable health care for all New Yorkers!


We are particularly excited to celebrate this year's major campaign victories: 

  • Medicare for all.  In May the State Assembly passed the New York Health Act which would provide universal healthcare for all New Yorkers.  We believe that every person should have access to quality, affordable health care, we are working with our partners across the state to get a single payer system of health care adopted in New York State without premiums, co-pays, deductibles, or limited provider networks.  We look forward to continuing this fight in the Senate.
  • The Fight for $15 has been propelled forward because of our work. Rochester was the first city in Upstate New York to join the fast food worker strikes. They quickly spread, with our support, to Buffalo and Albany. It was then that Gov. Cuomo announced the wage board, which raised the wages of 180,000 fast food workers in New York back in July 2015.  We also won state-wide legislative support for the phased-in $15 and hour minimum wage in NYC and $12.50 an hour for upstate. There is clearly more work to be done but this has been major step forward for economic justice and now New York is being watched by the whole nation.  Our continued partnerships have positioned Metro Justice at the center of this effort.
  • Fighting the School-to-Prison Pipeline. Our Quality Public Education for All Campaign released a report in November of 2014. It earned the front page of the Democrat and Chronicle exposing the racial inequities in Rochester City School District suspension outcomes. Black students are twice as likely to be suspended as White students. These inequities mirror those found in the entire United States. The release of this report provided a foundation to support the passage of a new code of conduct in the Rochester City School District. Simultaneously, we continue the Campaign for Fiscal Equity which aims to allocate funding and resources necessary to protect and promote the constitutional right to a sound basic education for all public school students in the State of New York.


Support Levels:

  • Individual Ticket: $100       

    Individual Sponsorship:

  • Supporter: $200 (2 event tickets) 
  • Advocate: $500 (Listing as Advocate and 2 event tickets) 
  • Champion: $750  (Listing as Champion and 3 event tickets) 

     Organizational Sponsorship:

  •  Friend Circle: $1,000 (2 event tickets, listing as Friend Circle, and acknowledgement during party)
  •  Presidents Circle: $2,500 (4 event tickets, listing as Presidents Circle, and acknowledgment during party) 
  • Investors Circle: $5,000 (6 event tickets, listing as Investors Circle, acknowledgement during party, acknowledgement in 50th Anniversary Documentary) 

You can purchase tickets or sponsorship directly below, or by mailing a check to Metro Justice, 1115 East Main St., Rochester, NY 14609. Contact Andrew Thomas, Director of Fundraising and Membership at Metro Justice, at 585-397-3535 or [email protected] for additional details.



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