24th Annual Rochester Labor Film Series 2013 - Metro Justice

24th Annual Rochester Labor Film Series 2013


A joint effort of the Dryden Theatre and the Rochester Labor Council, the Rochester Labor Film Series presents motion pictures celebrating workers around the world. The first film program of this kind in the nation, we show dramas, comedies and current documentaries on important issues relating to work and workers, especially aspects of work often marginalized or absent in dominant commercial media. Our films from around the world are selected to inform, provoke and inspire.

This year's program is diverse in tone and subject and depicts a variety of workplaces. Several concern physically dangerous jobs (La Camioneta, Burn, Taxi!, Black Diamonds, The Miners' Hymn). Others depict demanding service jobs (Women of the Sixth Floor, The Waiting Room) or artistic work (La Camioneta). Others present the interplay of social class and race (Nothing But a Man) or reflect market shifts in manufacture (Kinky Boots). But common to all is the story of workers' determined and unflinching response to the physical, social and economc challenges they face.

Dates & Times

Taxi- Friday, October 4 at 8PM

Kinky Boots- Friday, October 11 at 8PM and Sunday, October 13 at 2PM

Black Diamonds and The Miners' Hymns- Friday, October 18 at 8PM

The Waiting Room- Friday, October 25 at 8PM and Sunday, October 27 at 2PM

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