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Why should Metro Justice be Best Activist Group?

city.jpgIn only a couple of days, the voting for City's "Best of Rochester" contest will come to a close and we will have to wait until the end of October to hear the results.  Metro Justice is on the ballot this year for "Best Local Activist Group" and we really hope that we can win the the 2013 title.  You might be thinking--why does this matter?  It matters because we need more people to hear our name, know our mission, and join us in the quest for social justice.

Currently, our Fight for Economic Justice campaign addresses the extreme inequality happening in our country.  We demand:

  • An end of illegal bank foreclosures in the City of Rochester
  • The passing a single payer health care bill in New York State
  • A living wage and stronger unions
  • Improvements to Social Security, the American Worker’s safety net

Do you think these issues are important?  Do you want more people to mobilize around Economic Justice?   This is why winning Best of Rochester is important.  

Now I have a job for you--are you ready for this?  We need you to fill out City Newspaper's Best of Rochester ballot and be sure to pick Metro Justice as "Best Local Activist Group."  Now don't stop there! Next, forward the link to your friends, family members, and others and ask them to vote for MJ too--our members and supporters are the reason we are stronger than we were in 1965.  Thank you!

Vote here! Voting ends this Friday at 5pm! 

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