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Coalition for Cobbs Hill Park Speaking before City Council to Oppose the Rochester Management Plans to Demolish the Existing Cobbs Hill Village and Build New Multi-Story Units

Coalition for Cobbs Hill ParkSpeaking before City Council to Oppose the Rochester Management Plans to Demolish the Existing Cobbs Hill Village and Build New For-Profit Multi-Story Units

We are seeking Rochester residents who oppose the current Rochester Management plans to voice their opposition to our City Council at either its Tuesday May 23 meeting, or any subsequent meeting you may choose. (The City Council meeting calendar is at
Members of the public may request to speak to City Council about a specific topic at the beginning of each City Council meeting. Depending on the numbers of people requesting the opportunity, speakers are limited to either two or three minutes each, and the time is strictly monitored. We are asking those who choose to do so, to limit their speaking time to approximately one minute. We want to make a point, but not consume too much board time.

We invite you to focus on the single issue that most concerns you about the proposed development. Here are some of our reasons, which may guide your comments.

  • This construction would diminish the stock of houses for Rochester’s low-income seniors
  • Rentals for the new units would be affordable to those with moderate incomes ($26,000 to $42,000), rather than those with very low incomes ($13,000+ to $20,000) for the current units.
  • Although Rochester Management has said that rents for current Cobbs Hill Village residents will not increase, rents would increase to market and mid-income rates once they move out
  • This construction would negatively impact a park that is being used by more and more city residents
  • The new, two and three-story buildings would replace inconspicuous single-story brick buildings, and introduce a much larger, more obvious, presence within the park.
  • The construction would result in the loss of multiple old trees.
  • Construction will continue for four years, bringing additional construction vehicles and noise to the park.
  • Land which will be returned to the City in 2041, and could then become parkland, would be alienated for many more years
  • This new village would add to safety issues for park users, which include many children and youth
  • There will be an additional 38 residences bringing more vehicles onto Norris Drive
  • Construction vehicles will be using Norris Drive close to Lake Riley Lodge and an enlarged playground, both of which bring many children to the park.
  • Construction of a new village is environmentally destructive
  • New construction would require the demolition of solid buildings that have many years of service left in them.
  • New construction would be incompatible with the City of Rochester’s commitment to sustainability, as embodied in the city’s stated ambition to become “a model for innovative, ecologically sustainable operations” (according to the website of the Rochester Office of Energy and Sustainability).

How to register to speak

In order to speak to Council about an issue on a particular Council Meeting agenda, you must call (585) 428-7421 before 5:30 p.m. of the Meeting day. You will need to provide your name, address, and the topic you plan to speak about. 

You may also email your request to [email protected]  prior to 2:00 p.m. on Council Meeting day. We suggest that you call well before the day of the meeting as residents who have registered are asked to speak in the order they are received. (You may register at any point following the previous board meeting.)

Where and when to attend

City Council meets in Council Chambers, Room 302A, in City Hall, 30 Church Street, at the corner of North Fitzhugh Street. Citizen comments begin at 6:30 p.m. We will plan to meet there at 6:00 p.m. If you decide to speak, please email us at [email protected]. Let us know at which meeting you plan to attend. Note: parking around City Hall and in the neighbouring garage is free after 6:00 p.m.

I’d like to register my opposition but can’t attend City Council

Another option if you schedule keeps you from attending any council meetings in the near future, or if you decide that public speaking is not for you, is to convey your opposition in a letter to City Council members. The following is a list of council members and their email addresses.

Council Members

Loretta C. Scott, President

30 Church Street, Room 301-A

Rochester, NY 14614

(585) 428-7538 (O)

[email protected] 

Carolee A. Conklin, At large

310 Exchange Blvd, Apt. 257

Rochester, NY 14608

(585) 428-6711 (o); (585) 428-7538

[email protected]

Matt Haag, At large

951 Park Avenue

Rochester, NY 14610

(585) 428-7538 (O); (585) 244-0109 (H)

[email protected] 

Dana K. Miller, Vice President

265 Melrose Street

Rochester, NY  14619

(585) 428-7538 (O)

[email protected]

Jacklyn Ortiz, At large

27 Grassmere Park

Rochester, NY 14612

(585) 428-7538 (O)

[email protected]

Adam McFadden, South District

178 Farragut Street

Rochester, NY  14611

(585)428-7538 (O)

[email protected]

Molly Clifford, Northwest District

41 Lakeview Park

Rochester, NY 14613

(585) 428-7538 (O)

 [email protected]

Elaine M. Spaull, East District

42 Westminster Road

Rochester, NY 14607

(585) 428-7538 (O) 

[email protected]

Michael A. Patterson, Northeast District

1547 North Goodman Street

Rochester, NY 14609

(585) 428-7538 (O)

[email protected]

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