Happy Social Justice Day - Metro Justice

Happy Social Justice Day

Today is the World Day of Social Justice, and do you know what Metro Justice leaders are doing? Joining dozens of other members at an emergency rally to stop the Cuomo budget cuts. 

Sahar Massachi, Metro Justice Member and Writer of this Letter
Today, like every other day, Metro Justice members like you and I are strategically planning and passionately fighting to make the dream of social justice a reality.

We're fighting because we believe in feeding the hungry. We believe in healing the sick. We believe in respecting our elders, housing the homeless, dethroning petty tyrants and living our values. 

Look, I'm not Sami, and I'm not Colin. I'm just a member who volunteered to write this email while the staff were out. In any other group that'd be highly unusual. That's the sort of organization Metro Justice is -- member-run, member-driven, member-supported. 

Do you know how rare that is? Even the big famous groups in New York run on grant money. Metro Justice relies on member dues. Almost exclusively. 

Can you donate $15 to keep us going?

Do you know how powerful that is? It means that we'll always be free of being "the man". No powerful donor will ever threaten to back out because they don't like our work. No politican can cut off our funding. 

Can you donate $30 to make us stronger?

Do you know how fragile that is? Nothing is holding us up but each other. There's no safety net for Metro Justice -- everything it does has to be powered by us. 

Can you donate $50 to bring us to new heights?

Do you know how beautiful that is?

Here's the twist: I live in Oakland, California. I moved here a few months ago from NY. A year ago, when I moved to Rochester, I had barely heard of Metro Justice. And yet, despite everywhere I've been, and everything I've seen, I stick by Metro Justice above all other groups. 

Why? Because it really is something special. We really are doing work that few others are doing. And the MJ community moves me more than anything else has. 

We have something beautiful, rare, and powerful in Metro Justice. But you don't have to take my word for it. Stop by the office any time, and talk to the staff. You'll see how much control and how much fun members can have. 

For now, though, we have to pay the bills. Because there's no one else out there -- no big donor, no giant foundation, no corporate sponsorships. There's just us. 

We have two choices: keep Metro Justice as it is, or give it an infusion of cash that will let it soar. 

I know which one I want.

Yours in service,
Sahar Massachi

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