People's March for Education Justice - Rochester



Call your state senator to demand Education Justice!


We need equitably funded schools in New York State! 


Call Script to Demand Your State Senator Fully Fund Our Public Schools

Letter by Senator Tedisco in Support of Fully Funding Foundation Aid


As we continue to defend the institution of public education from federal attacks by Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos, we march to defend that same institution here in New York. The public investment Governor Cuomo proposes in his education budget this year is woefully inadequate and falls way short of being equitable. It will negatively impact our most vulnerable students from early child care to higher education all across the state. Black, brown, immigrant, refugee , low-income, LGBTQIA, English Language Learners , homeless students and students with disabilities , are worthy of an investment that will meet their needs not deny them opportunities to be successful.

  •  We march to demand that Governor Cuomo finally fully funds the $4.3 billion owed to public statewide as a result of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity including the $170 million owed to Monroe County
  • We march to Raise the Age and stop the criminalization of our youth. We should be able to provide social workers and other nurturing and committed support staff in schools for struggling youth 
  • We march to end the state's over-reliance on high stakes testing 
  • We march to demand that NYS invests on the front end in childcare and pre-K and invests in truly making SUNY and CUNY free for all on the back end in order to ensure a successful transition to adulthood
  • We march because we need a Governor in NYS who is not afraid to make the super rich pay just 1% more by extending and expanding the millionaire's tax and closing corporate tax loopholes, which could bring billions to fund high quality education for all and so much more

We only have until the end of March, when the budget is finalized to have an impact.

If you were inspired by the historic Women’s March like we were, march with us to answer the call for 10 Actions in 100 Days.

March 04, 2017 at 2pm - 4pm
The Liberty Pole
Eamonn Scanlon ·
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