New high-tech takeover at MJ!

Our outdated organizational and communications technology is now going to be a thing of the past! We just converted to a new system that makes our website easier for members to donate, sign up for volunteer roles, and become even more involved with Metro Justice.

Also, with this system, our database will be easier to update, which will allow us to bring more volunteers into the office to help us with day-to-day tasks.

The NationBuilder software not only makes us more efficient but makes it easier for you to share our articles, petitions, and membership sign-up with your friends and family over Facebook.

The most important new feature, our membership pages, are now easier to fill out, making online donations to join Metro Justice a snap! Plus, once you donate, you can even share with your Facebook friends that you contributed!

We already identified a need to have more original content by our members available online. With an easier-to-update website, we can easily add more of this content to our website.

If you are interested in helping with this change by either providing feedback or suggesting content, email [email protected]

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