Protect and Expand Social Security Now!

Social Security is an integral to continuing any degree of economic justice in the United States. We need to protect and expand it - not cut! 

Help Metro Justice tell our Senators that they should support expanding social security, ensure the wealthy pay their fair share, improve the cost of living adjustments, and improve the standard of living for the retired and disabled in our country. 

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At Metro Justice we believe that all people should be guaranteed a dignified retirement. Any decent society should ensure a comfortable living for our elders. Whether it was a lifetime of work, or a lifetime of hardship in and out of employment, at old age we should not be abandoned to live out our final years in poverty.

Social Security is a vital institution won by the struggles of social justice activists and organizers long before us. It would dishonor their effort and impoverish millions of people if we allowed Social Security to fall apart.

Most importantly, there is no financial reason for it to fall apart. The only risk to Social Security is an ideological risk from an agenda that wants to destroy out entire social safety net. 

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Sign the petition here to protect and expand Social Security!

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