role of MJ process - Metro Justice

role of MJ process

Key themes to address:

  • What is Metro Justice's role in moving towards the change we want to see and applying our theory of change?
  • What do we offer that others don't?
  • SWOT Analysis.
  • What other organizations are similar to us that we should learn with?

Collective Suggested Reading:


  • Gus Newport Skype meeting to discussion Role of Metro Justice. Details TBA.
  • Meeting of Past Metro Justice Presidents.

Meetings and Discussions:

  • Week 8/29-9/2: Metro Justice Role in class struggle social movement catalyzing. Details TBA.
  • Week 9/5-9/9: Metro Justice Role in challenging white supremacy. Details TBA.
  • Week 9/12-9/16: Metro Justice Role in political and popular education. Details TBA.
  • Week 9/19-9/23: Metro Justice Role in building alternative institutions. Details TBA.
  • Council Meeting 9/19 - Discussion of our theory of change broadly directing to our role. Details TBA.


Identify the skills, resources, and perspectives that we bring to the table to help create the changes we want to see. Clarify how we should relate with other organizations locally, regionally, nationally. Identify what our specific place in the Rochester movement for social justice is.

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