Stand in Solidarity with RGH Nurses!

Nurses at Rochester General Hospital formed a union a year ago and have been bargaining to improve nurse-to-patient staffing ratios, so that patients get the quality healthcare they deserve. But the hospital is still refusing to meet the nurses' demands. And last week, the administration suspended the union president and vice president from their jobs! This is plainly illegal retaliation, and a transparent attempt to intimidate nurses.

Will you stand with RGH Nurses fighting for better patient care?

Union President Carmen Camelio and Vice President Christa Kendall, are veteran staff at RGH who've upheld the highest standards of professionalism throughout their careers. Their dedication to patient safety is the reason they stepped up to lead the union effort to improve patient care.

Metro Justice urges RGH management to reinstate Carmen and Christa and bargain in good faith with the union to address legitimate patient safety concerns that nurses have raised. So far, the hospital administration seems determined to ignore them.

RGH nurses need your support to ensure patients get the care that they deserve. Sign the petition to show RGH management that you support nurses in their fight for better patient care!

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  • Crescenzo Scipione
    published this page 2023-06-16 13:50:14 -0400

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