Vendor Spotlight: Papersaurus Creative - Metro Justice

Vendor Spotlight: Papersaurus Creative


Greeting card company Papersaurus Creative has been growing in popularity. Run by Sara and Julia, Papersaurus specializes in hand made cards, prints, and journals that focus on everything from LGBT weddings and parenting, social change, and self love. They also have fun, cheeky cards for holidays and general greetings.  I was able to interview Sara to learn more about Papersaurus, and their presence at the Alternative Fair. Enjoy!

1. As a new vendor, what attracted you to the Alternative Fair?

We decided to apply for a couple of reasons. First, a good friend suggested we'd be a good fit. Then we checked into what the show was about, who the audience was and if we thought our products would fit well. We're usually pretty careful about what shows we do because a large portion of our shop is filled with LGBT-themed designs - since that was our initial inspiration. So we tend to skip a lot of the "traditional" shows, and try to find our niche in the local scene. I'm actually not sure how we've missed this show in the past. We have a lot of respect for Metro Justice, the show is right up our alley, and we're really looking forward to sharing our craft and our passion with people who have the same beliefs, values and wicked, slightly warped, sense of humor as us. 


2. Where did you get the name Papersaurus? It's very cute.

Thanks! We're pretty fond of it. The inspiration behind it was really two-fold. The first part is the simple part - I'm kind of a dinosaur nut. I have been since second grade. I even went through a phase after seeing "The Land Before Time" when I spelled my name Cera ... Well, just look at our logo. But the real inspiration for the name came from my day job as a print graphic designer. I love paper. I love the feel, the texture, the heft of it in your hand. I appreciate web design and I'm in awe of those who do it well, but I'm an old-school girl. And paper correspondence has sort of become archaic, hence, "Papersaurus". The "Creative" part of the name is where we try to make unique, interesting, beautiful cards that keep people engaged in hand-written, personal notes.

3. Have any new designs in the works?

One thing we want to expand on in the next year is working more transgender cards into our line. We want to make sure we're a resource for everyone who doesn't find themselves referenced in the mainstream market. We've been working on some designs, but since it's a sensitive area that, as lesbians, we have no first-hand knowledge of, we're seeking input from those we know in the trans community and working to offer a line that celebrates that community in the fullest way possible. And if anyone reading this has any suggestions or ideas, send them our way -[email protected] - or stop by and see us at the Alternative Fair, we'd love to chat! Aside from that, we're also working on a line celebrating sobriety milestones, as well as expanding our LGBT wedding/parenting line.

 You can check out Papersaurus Creative's full line on their Etsy page here:

 RSVP to our Alternative Fair on our Facebook event page. We'd love to see you there!:


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