Ep. 4: Rochester Public Power Hour - Metro Justice

Ep. 4: Rochester Public Power Hour

Episode 4 of our podcast Rochester Public Power Hour by our Rochester for Energy Democracy Campaign is here! We discuss the connections between Black Lives Matter, racialized police violence and militarism, and public power. We share how more people in Rochester are getting involved in our campaign for a public utility to replace RG&E, exciting steps forward towards building a community owned and operated solar farm in the Plymouth-Exchange neighborhood, and an interview with Jonathan Koehn with Local Power in Boulder, Colorado. Click below to listen! 

If we want to see a community-driven energy system that is better for all of us, we have to take action together. Do you want to join our local movement? Take the first step by signing our petition at https://www.metrojustice.org/energydemocracypetition!

Also, if you have questions about RG&E, public utilities, energy democracy, climate change, or how our energy system works in general, email us at [email protected] or Tweet as at @MetroJustice with #RocPublicPowerHour. 


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