Meet 2014 Council--Denise Young

Denise Young, 2014 Vice President


Denise’s experience with community organizing is extensive, and includes involvement with MetroAct.  She has been active within the labor movement through 1199 SEIU and the NYS Public Employees Federation.  She is an adjunct faculty member in the Cornell ILR Labor Extension program and represents the United Steelworkers on the Rochester Labor Council Executive Board.  Denise is a proud co-founder of the Band of Rebels.

Meet 2014 Council--Luis Torres

Meet Luis Torres, 2014 Council President


Since joining Council in 2009, Luis has served as Vice-President, Chair of the Social Action Committee, and Treasurer.  As President, he looks forward to supporting Metro Justice members’ great work.  His experience includes organizing for Workers United, Rural and Migrant Ministry, and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  Born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, he currently balances his time as Social Justice Coordinator for First Unitarian Church and being a stay-at-home dad.

Elizabeth Warren: Why Isn't Minimum Wage $22?

In this video Elizabeth Warren raises an incredibly important question, and it isn't simply the question of raising the minimum wage. She says that over the years, if you were to index the minimum wage to productivity it would now be $22. So where did the other $14.75 go? Well, productivity is the dollar value produced per hour by a worker's labor. Much of what doesn't go to the worker becomes profit. This is precisely why there is a massive and growing wealth divide in this country.

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5 Myths about US Education

Conversations about education in the United States are often totally baseless. This video talks about 5 myths that are perpetuated in reform conversations that fall apart completely when we look at the actual evidence.

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Check out the Vendors at Alternative Fair!

Alt_faIR_COLLAGE_2.jpgWe are so excited for the Alternative Fair tomorrow!  We have many different great vendors who will be selling and/or sharing information on what they do!  

As always, the MJ table will showcase great items that are great gifts for the whole family!  Non-competitive board games, candles, ornaments, and much more!

And don't forget the food!  We will have lasagna, lentil soup, and delicious desserts on Friday.  On Saturday, we will have fresh baked bagels from Balsam Bagels for breakfast and more lasagna!

The Alternative Fair is Friday, December 6th from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday, December 7th from 10 am to 2pm.  Admission to the fair is $3.  For more information, check out our calendar pages here.

For a complete listing of our vendors, click *read more*

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Metro Justice Rallies for Walmart Workers on Black Friday!


On Black Friday, Metro Justice members went to Walmart in Chili to express their opposition to the poverty wages given to Walmart workers despite their massive profits.

Throughout the country, there were protests at over 1,500 Walmart locations. In Rochester alone, 3 different stores saw protests led by local activists and unions. Along with the Rochester and Genesee Valley Area Labor Federation, United Food and Commercial Workers, and Service Employees International Union Local 200 United, we coordinated protests in Chili, Henrietta, and Webster on Black Friday.

At each location, there were discussions with hundreds of customers and many workers with the hope to build the self-organizing activist of Walmart workers that has been happening in many other parts of the country. On Black Friday, Walmart workers in many parts of the country went out on strike demanding fair pay, decent benefits, and a union. 

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Fix for projected Social Security gap is obvious

MJ member Ken Traub's letter to the editor was printed in November 16th, 2013's Democrat and Chronicle.

The Republicans’ and some misguided Democrats’ focus on “fixing” Social Security’s projected 2033 deficit by reducing benefits or increasing the retirement age is an affront to people’s intelligence. The Congressional Budget Office examined dozens of ways to extend the present Social Security surplus beyond 75 years, and the highest revenue-yielding approach without decreasing benefits is simply to eliminate the cap on income that is taxed for the program (currently $113,700 a year).

Upper-middle-class and wealthy people should be happy that they are fortunate enough to be able to pay their fair share at the same percentage rate as their less fortunate fellow citizens. Why won’t Congress simply eliminate the cap? They won’t because Republicans place their highest priority on protecting the rich, and not the less fortunate and elderly in our society.

(D & C)

If you are interested in becoming active in MJ's Dignified Retirement Committee, click here to sign up!

Catherine Lennon wins over big bank

Catherine Griffin-Lennon wins forclosure fight

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Protect and Expand Social Security Now!

Social Security is an integral to continuing any degree of economic justice in the United States. We need to protect and expand it - not cut! 

Help Metro Justice tell our Senators that they should support expanding social security, ensure the wealthy pay their fair share, improve the cost of living adjustments, and improve the standard of living for the retired and disabled in our country. 

Sign the petiton here!

Share this image to help inform the people in our community about the importance of Social Security!

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Low fast-food wages come at high cost for taxpayers


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Created: 10/16/2013 5:23 PM 
By: Joangel Concepcion

Every year, a portion of state tax dollars goes to support people who work at fast food places. More than $700 million a year in New York. That's for people who are out there working hard. A new study shows it is because the jobs pay too little for families to meet their basic needs.

Even though many people may think most fast food workers are teenagers, the report shows that's not true. Many are parents and the majority are women. Now Congresswoman Louise Slaughter and Senator Ted O'Brien are calling for a change. [more after the jump]

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