Ep. 3: Rochester Public Power Hour - Metro Justice

Ep. 3: Rochester Public Power Hour

Check out Episode 3 of the Rochester Public Power Hour! On this episode, we discuss why and how public utilities have a proven track record as one of the most massive and effective ways to lower energy bills for people while also implementing a rapid transition to green energy. Also, Michelle Wenderlich joins us again, this time with their colleague Timothy DenHerder Thomas, to discuss the ongoing fight for public utilities in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Click below to listen! 

Do you want to join our local movement to replace Rochester Gas & Electric with a public, local, not-for-profit, democratically operated utility? Take the first step by signing the petition at metrojustice.org/energydemocracypetition! We have received a lot of new sign ups in the last couple weeks, so we are holding a virtual orientation and workshop to welcome new people to the movement! The event will be this Wednesday, July 8th from 5:30 - 7:30 PM. You must RSVP to receive the Zoom conference information to attend. RSVP by clicking here! 

Also, if you have questions about RG&E, public utilities, energy democracy, climate change, or how our energy system works in general, email us at [email protected] or Tweet as at @MetroJustice with #RocPublicPowerHour. 

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